Service Message to Our Audience

We are reaching out to people who have a strong desire to achieve something and who need to surround themselves with a supportive team to realize and successfully carry out their project, in any field whatsoever. Having a general idea and being motivated is already a first step. Then, it’s about fleshing out the project, having a precise plan, and above all, it requires a team to assist in this task. This is not always obvious. In academia, in Silicon Valley, and in certain companies, the entrepreneurial spirit is part of the culture and it’s easier to find people with the same mindset. However, more often than not, finding partners or even the possibility of discussing one’s ideas with others can be challenging. One’s social circle may belong to a generation that seeks stability and comfort rather than adventure and risk-taking. Personal history might have led to a unique resume that doesn’t necessarily meet the standardized criteria of most HR departments. Time, effort, and available resources often do not allow for tackling the initial stages of project creation.

What we aim to do here is to bring together an audience that shares the same mindset in order to exchange ideas about their projects, discover each other, and perhaps start an adventure together. We have built multiple project teams within companies, organizations, or associations; we are now embarking on a larger scale project to gather this community and accelerate the maturation of ideas. To do this, we first want to provide substantial documentary material with the goal of inspiring visitors but also motivating them to take action. Indeed, we feel a lot of frustration among our peers, linked to the lack of action: our interlocutors have ideas but do not know where to start to realize them. Concrete examples, tutorials, and testimonials should pique curiosity and stimulate our readers. This first phase aims to gather an audience and will rely in particular on a series of newsletters, the first of which is already launched. Then, we will enter an active phase by unveiling some of our own projects as proposals to start the discussion on them and encourage public engagement. We will use our forum as a platform for discussion. Here, the principle is really to discuss the substance and discover the other participants, not by their CV, but by their intervention and the implementation of their skills (regardless of the field of competence). In addition to moderation that must foster discussion and solution-seeking, we are thinking about new tools that must support engagement in the context of maturing ideas and drafting projects with an associated team. Finally, the third stage will be to support the very first steps of the projects, whether it be by researching and implementing organizational, technical, and financial solutions.

Note that we are open to all types of projects: engineering, associations, publications, DIY, etc. What matters is the desire to achieve something with others. We hope that we will be able to motivate enough people and help to realize new ideas.

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