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Welcome to our blog, a vibrant hub where people come together to share and create new ideas, and embark on exciting projects. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to unite individuals from all walks...


ITER engineers: the lost stars

It is in the news that the ITER project is facing delays once again. This provides an opportunity to share a short anecdote from the early days of my involvement in plasma physics, particularly...


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alkemata: Progress Update and Future Prospects

As we take stock of our Alkemata project, it’s essential to reflect on our progress and envision the path ahead. Our mission is to bring together individuals with brilliant ideas who may lack the necessary resources—contacts, finances, or motivation—to turn their concepts into viable projects. We recognize a vast untapped potential of expertise within various segments of the population that cannot access the startup environment or connect with the right people to build a project.

Our focus isn’t solely on creating businesses. It could also mean forming an association, initiating a one-time project like writing a book, organizing an exhibition, or hosting an event. How often do we hear people around us say, “I’d love to do this or that, but I don’t have the time, I don’t know anyone who could help, I don’t know where to start.” We aim to develop and help realize this potential of ideas.


Simplifying Our Online Presence: Exploring Alternatives

Our current website setup, which runs on WordPress and is complemented by a forum powered by Discourse, operates within Docker containers on our server. While this configuration offers a range of functionalities and a high degree of customization, it also comes with significant resource demands. The infrastructure is energy-intensive and takes up substantial server space. On the bright side, WordPress is a turnkey solution that allows us to develop and expand numerous features effortlessly. However, this complexity raises a pertinent question: is there a simpler solution?


Discovering Hidden Gems: Drachenfels Castle near Bonn, Germany

While many travellers flock to the well-known tourist destinations, there are countless hidden gems around the world that offer rich history, abundant learning opportunities, and leisure activities without the overwhelming crowds. One such place...