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Our project is not limited to disseminating information and inspiring our creators to embark on realizing their ideas. We also want to establish a framework for discussion in which our readers can interact by discussing their ideas, providing solutions, helping or encouraging each other, and finding partners. We indeed find that this is often the missing step in the creation of startups: the idea maturation phase and the team formation phase, which are closely linked through discussion. Most often, these phases take place within universities or companies, which are natural settings for such discussions. However, on one hand, these opportunities are not available to everyone, and on the other, online discussion also allows access to a broader, more distant audience that may be more compatible with one’s own way of thinking. This is what we will try to offer here by providing an open, inclusive, and positive platform. The goal is not to criticize but to offer possibilities, plausible or credible solutions within the framework of rational discussion.

We have set up the Discourse platform, which is well-suited for this style of discussion. Our forum is accessible at


There, you will already find some project ideas and some internal team discussions. We are trying to establish a typical scenario for discussing ideas. So, we look forward to seeing you there!


I am the vice-boss here; in charge of online activities and the technical stuff. I have a background as engineer and scientist in fields as different as aerospace, plasma physics, biosensing, I am currently here to find people motivated to build stuff together and to share adventures together

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