Mission statement

Here is the website that serves as the gateway to our alkemata platform.

We address those who have project ideas and an engaging vision but may not necessarily have the network of contacts to find partners or suitable technical support. We also address those with technical experience, the willingness to participate in a project, who are frustrated by not being able to make the most of their expertise due to a lack of interesting projects readily available. Founders usually rely on the university structure, which provides access to a network of students, or on the structure of certain companies that encourage individual initiatives and provide access to their networks of collaborators. In addition to this, there is the local fabric, neighbors, and family who can sometimes help give birth to and develop a project. However, beyond that, it can be difficult to access an environment to germinate an idea or contribute one’s skills in a meaningful way. Certainly, there are multiple sites that offer finding co-founders or joining associations or startups. However, these sites rely on the LinkedIn model, with a professional orientation and an asymmetric employer-employee approach that simulates a job interview with a CV and cover letter. This is not the approach we want to follow; instead, we aim to create a participatory environment that allows everyone to express their ideas, discuss them, and bring them to fruition while finding partners who share the vision and can provide the technical expertise needed for realization. The establishment of a suitable environment should allow focusing on the substance, on ideas, on problems, and possible solutions. It is through the discussion of these topics that one gets to know others, that bonds of trust are established, and the sharing of vision necessary to set up the structure that will allow the project to develop.

The establishment of this context for discussion and germination of ideas, projects, and associated teams relies on a delicate balance between, on the one hand, the bearers of a project and a vision, and on the other hand, the holders of technical skills. The former must benefit from a climate of trust that allows them to reveal part of their ideas without fear of being ignored, mocked, or copied and with the assurance of dealing with competent listeners ready to understand the idea and solve associated problems. The latter must be assured that motivated and motivating projects are proposed, that their competence is recognized, and that they do not feel like providing technical work for free. Therefore, the goal of this platform is to find this balance.

To this end, we have started to implement the first tools: first, a discussion forum where ideas can be presented and discussed. We moderate it to keep content rich in information and respectful of participants. We also propose some ideas and provide information on projects conducted elsewhere as a source of inspiration. Next, we started a newsletter, The Good Engineer, which aims to share our view on the role of an engineer. Finally, this website oversees our various initiatives and ensures the editorial continuity of all our approaches. We welcome anyone here, enjoy the information present, follow our news, and we hope to motivate you enough so that one day you take the step and join us with your ideas, your vision, and your know-how to find your peers.